Decision in the Galesburg Water-Works Suit.

Issue 6 and Volume 7.

Decision in the Galesburg Water-Works Suit. The United States Supreme Court has affirmed the decree of Judge Gresham in the suit of the city of Galesburg, Illinois, against the Water Company of that place and the Farmers’ Loan and Trust Company of New York. The story of the case is told in a press dispatch from Galesburg as follows: “In May, 1883, this city granted a water-works franchise to Nathan Shelton, he contracting to furnish the city with water for $8,000 a year for thirty years. This franchise Shelton assigned to the Galesburg Water Company. The works were completed and accepted by the City Council in December, 1883. The water supply fouled within a few months. Deep indignation was aroused when it was learned that the water was let into the well from a dammed-up creek, polluted by drainage from a.slaughter house, by night soil and dead animals. In June,…

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