Well Drilling Notes.

Issue 6 and Volume 7.

Well Drilling Notes. —The contractors for the city artesian well at Hutchinson, Minn., struck a powerful flow of water at a depth of 204 feet. It flows over a barrel per minute through a two-inch pipe, and will elevate water thirty feet. The well will be used for fire purposes and a public fountain. MILWAUKEE, Wis., February 4, 1890.— To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER: We notice in your last issue, in “Well Drilling Notes” an item regarding the well at Woonsocket, Dak., which does us great injustice, and you will oblige us by correcting it. The facts in the case are that, owing to the strong flow, we could not get the tubing down, as it was a little large, and were obliged to shut down and wait several days until we could send the tubing of the proper size from here, which we have put in the…

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