Issue 7 and Volume 7.

GAS & ELECTRIC LIGHTING. —Three weeks ago we stated that an arrangement was being made by which the electric light companies would have control of their own subways. The statement was contradicted at the time, but is now shown to be substantially true, for the licensed company has publicly declared its willingness to waive its exclusive contract to that extent. We believe that this is as it should be, but there now appears a possibility that in the new “deal” the East River and Manhattan companies will be completely shut out, so that without subways and without power to operate overhead, their plant, worth at least $1,000,000 would he absolutely unproductive. This would be a shameful injustice, and we trust that it will not be attempted or successful.—Electrical World. —The Sprague Electric Railway and Motor Company of New York city has recently purchased the electric light plant of the Winston…

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