The Crossness Sewage Precipitation Works.

Issue 7 and Volume 7.

The Crossness Sewage Precipitation Works. Our English contemporary, Engineering, gives an interesting description of the Metropolitan Sewage Works at Crossness, where important enlargements and modifications of the existing works are now being earned out. The old works consist of a covered reservoir having an area of about six acres, and capable of containing about 24,000,000 gallons of sewage. This reservoir is divided into four compartments, any one of which can be filled or emptied independently of the others, and the whole four are connected by a culvert with the main sewer from London. This sewer is about seven and one-half miles long and eleven feet six inches in diameter. All the sewage of London, south of the Thames, which has about 2,500,000 inhabitants, is collected in this main, and the average daily flow through it is about 75,000,000 gallons, but in rainy weather these figures may be doubled. Depending on…

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