Old John Barnett’s Oil Well.

Issue 9 and Volume 7.

Old John Barnett’s Oil Well. In the southwestern part of the State, in Cumberland county, writes a Louisville (Ky.) correspondent of the New York Sun, is a great oil field, believed to equal in productiveness, were it developed, the Pennsylvania oil region. As there is no railroad nearer than fifty miles, no one has ever undertaken to ship the oil, although many successful wells were bored years ago. Most of the territory is now owned or leased by the Standard Oil Company, which has plugged up the wells, and is holding the territory in reserve until the other fields are exhausted, if ever that day comes. Some of the wells are, however, owned by men whose means are too limited to handle the oil. One great well has been yielding hundreds of barrels a day for twenty years, forming a rivulet, which, after running a short distance, sinks back into…

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