Issue 10 and Volume 7.

TOPICS OF THE DAY OUR old acquaintance, the defective flue, makes its presence known sometimes in unexpected places. The other day it was the cause of a blaze in a fire engine house at Tompkinsville, Staten Island. One would think that in a fire engine house, at least, that danger would be guarded against. NOTHING particularly new or important was elicited this week by the New York Senate Electrical Investigating Committee. About thqmost useful point that was brought out appears to be that most of the electrical companies would favor the appointment of a State Board of Electrical Control. Perhaps, after all, that would be the best solution of the question. ONE day this week a fire occurred in the debtors’ room in Raymond street jail in Brooklyn, the woodwork in the wall bursting into a blaze. There had been no lights or fire in the room, but the steam…

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