Issue 10 and Volume 7.

FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS —One result of the fatal fire at Secretary Tracey’s house at Washington, has been the equipment of the White House with a Gamewell fire alarm box connected with the fire alarm system of the department. If there are any more of the government buildings which are not so furnished they should be without further delay. —Rockville Centre, Long Island, has a hand fire engine at last. It will be run by the newly-organized Live Oak Company, while Eureka Company will stick to its truck. —The new Button steamer for Keene, N. H., was given an official test at that place recently and made a most capital exhibition of its powers, throwing satisfactory streams both horizontally and vertically, and making a good steaming record. —Samuel pannil, living near Lynchburgh, Va., went with his wife to their day’s work the other morning, Jeaving their two children locked up in…

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