The Destroyed Walnut Grove Dam.

Issue 10 and Volume 7.

The Destroyed Walnut Grove Dam. The telegraphic eports which we published last week of the bursting of the Walnut Grove dam on the Hassayampa river, in Arizona, with the loss of 150 or more lives, appear to have been virtually correct. Owing to the remoteness of the spot the exact cause of the disaster has nut yet been definitely made known, and the theories expressed vary considerably. We are, however, enabled by courtesy of The Engineering and Mining Journal to present to our readers the accompanying illustrations of the dam and reservoir, reproduced from photographs and the following particulars regarding the ill-fated structure: The Walnut Grove dam was built in 1887 and was planned by Prof. W. P. Blake, not, however, as it was ultimately built, for he merely commenced its construction and it was completed by contract. The canon in which it is placed is quite narrow, the completed…

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