Laws for English Volunteer Fire Brigades.

Issue 10 and Volume 7.

Laws for English Volunteer Fire Brigades. According to an English authority, a brigade (whether actually using and publishing the title “Volunteer,” or no) consisting of volunteers who have agreed to work engines and plant either purchased by a town council, local board, or other urban authority, or bought and presented for the use of such town council by some private parties for the benefit of their district, cannot recover any charge made for attending fires within the area of the jurisdiction of such town council, local board, etc.; nor, under like conditions, can such authorities themselves claim for the services rendered by such brigade within their district. If summoned to go to a fire (by a responsible person) outside of the district, of course the brigade can then claim, on the basis of a fixed scale of charges, which must be popularly known to be their regular charge for such…

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