Defects of the Steam Engine.

Issue 15 and Volume 7.

Defects of the Steam Engine. In a paper read at a recent meeting of the London (England) Association of Foreman Engineers, F. Martin said that it was the province of engineers, as the makers of the steam engine, to produce a machine that would utilize, with the greatest economy, the fuel by which the steam was generated. This fuel, which nature has so abundantly deposited in her coal measures, was the primary cause of Great Britain’s national prosperity, and the failure of it would bring about the downfall of its commercial power and prestige. Comparing the steam engine with a well constructed water turbine, the latter was found to be by far the most efficient, giving off in effective work about seventy-five per cent of the fall of the water, whereas the steam engine only produced 7 1/2 per cent of the effective heat produced by the combustion of the…

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