An Automatic Hose Relief Valve.

Issue 15 and Volume 7.

An Automatic Hose Relief Valve. The accompanying illustrations show perspective and sectional views of the automatic hose relief valve for fire engines, invented and patented by Alvarado A. Mayer of Detroit, Mich., and now in use in the principal fire departments of the United States. This valve is of brass, nickel-plated, and weighs twenty-one pounds. It is five and one-half inches long through the waterway, and stands nine inches high from centre of waterway. On a fire engine it is placed behind the discharge gate on the working side of the engine. To work the valve the pressure which it is wished to carry in the hose is set on the gauge and the engine run up to nearly that pressure, so that a very small quantity of water flows through the small pipe at the bottom of the gauge. All is then so balanced that no greater pressure can…

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