Issue 19 and Volume 7.

TOPICS OF THE DAY. AND SO that veteran fire-fighter, Chief Engineer Gerdenier of the fire department of Bridgeport, Conn., has, according to the stereotyped phrase, “ resigned his position.” It was understood that for political reasons some such change was to be expected. Mr. Gerdinier is well known as a fire engineer of experience and ability, who had been connected with the local department for over twenty years, and his services will be missed. However, if the Bridgeporters prefer to have their fire department run upon political lines it is their own affair. BOSTON firemen are, we are told, to be instructed in the use of the bugle. The reason for this addition to their duties is said to be the decision of the fire commissioners to do away with the gongs on the fire apparatus owing to the growing employment of these on electric cars and other vehicles, and…

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