Issue 19 and Volume 7.

GAS & ELECTRIC LIGHTING —The city of Cedartown, Ga., has granted a franchise to a New York company to erect the electric light plant lately mentioned. J. J. Lampton can give information. —M. M. Shipe, representing Kansas City (Mo.) capitalists, has applied for permission to construct an electrical railroad at Austin, Texas. —The Dallas (Tex.) Rapid Transit Company has made a conditional proposition to extend its line. —The Southside Land and Improvement Company of Richmond, Va., is reported to have let contract for its electrical railroad, previously mentioned, to the Sprague Electrical Railway and Motor Company of New York city. —Joseph Gingrass, an employee of the Detroit Electric Light and Power Company of Detroit, was instantly killed by an electric shock while at work in the basement of the company’s building. The company insures the lives of its employees for $5000 each. —At Natick, Mass , the electric company has…

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