Issue 19 and Volume 7.

FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS —John W. Smith, assistant chief engineer of the fire department of Brooklyn, N. Y., has been appointed by the National Board of Fire Underwriters inspector of fire departments. The salary is $2500 and $2500 expenses are also allowed. —The fire commissioners of San Francisco have asked the supervisors to take immediate action toward providing more hydrants and an additional supply of hose. —The apparatus of Columbia Hose Company No. 2 of Long Island City, L. L, was seized by Deputy Sheriff Walters on Saturday to satisfy a judgment of $244.22 in favor of W. F. Leonard. One of the city’s water supply stations is on Mr. Leonard’s land in Bowery Bay Beach. The city entered into negotiations to buy the land, but it failed to agree on a price, and Mr. Leonard obtained a judgment for rent. The city delayed judgment, and Mr. Leonard seized the hose…

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