Issue 23 and Volume 7.

WATER SUPPLY. —The Hydraulic Company of Grand Rapids, Mich., has reelected its old officers as follows: M. R. Crow, president; John E. Moore: vice-president and secretary; D. A. Crow, treasurer and R. I. Shoemaker, superintendent. The company proposes to enlarge the system considerably. The 24-inch pipe from the pump house down to the city will be put in and the pump house will probably be enlarged also. It is intended to extend the system in all directions and to put in mains on the West side, where they have heretofore had none. The company will also increase the supply of water by digging wells in the vicinity of those now in use. —A correspondent at Paris, Tex., writes: “Prof. Robert I. Hill has just returned from a trip into the Indian Territory, made to determine the extent of water receiving area there and whether the sandstone formation comprising that area…

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