Determination of the Sensitiveness of Automatic Sprinklers.*

Issue 1 and Volume 8.

Determination of the Sensitiveness of Automatic Sprinklers.* Automatic sprinklers for the extinguishment of fires are intreduced to such an extent now that a scientific analysis of their sensitiveness is a necessity in order to form a correct judgment of their true action. Let it be premised that all modern automatic sprinklers use the same low-fusing solder (155° Fahr.) for holding their outlets closed. Yet the time and temperature at which the solder fuses, which secures the valve in place, varies considerably with different makes of sprinklers. This difference in time and temperature is due to the quantity of solder to be melted, the amount of metal with which the solder is in actual contact, the proximity of the solder joint to large masses of metal, and the strain upon the solder. The purpose of this paper is to correct the erroneous opinion now held as to the actual temperatures at…

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