An Improved Water Meter Record.

Issue 1 and Volume 8.

An Improved Water Meter Record. The accompanying diagram shows a meter dial record, designed by Ira Schrop, superintendent of water-works at South Bend, Ind. The idea is to facilitate the work of the meter inspector in taking an exact and rapid reading of the dial. The records are bound in convenient-sized books, which are handed in to the registrar after the reading on the dial is copied. On the reverse side is a form with blanks for name of works, city, State, month, name of meter, number of meter, statement where meter is located and by whom registration is taken. There is no doubt that a useful chart like this will supply the present need for a concise and easy method of taking the reading of meter dials, and that Mr. Schrop’s design will soon become popular among water-works people. The manner of taking the record is by marking with…

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