Issue 1 and Volume 8.

OPICS OF THE DAY NASHVILLE, TENN., is relieved of the fear of a water famine felt when the news of the burning of the old pumping station was made known. Although the oldest pumping engine was considerably damaged, the four Worthington pumps, which stand in a masonry well forty feet deep, escaped with but little injury, as did the boilers, and were started up again within a few days. The city is, therefore, assured of its usual supply of water, and the propertyowners and underwriters are breathing more freely. THE trouble in the fire department at Trenton, N. J., has culminated as was expected. The volunteer fire companies being dissatisfied with the amount of money allowed them for expenses, notified the fire commissioners that they would refuse to do duty after this month unless it was increased; whereupon the commissioners, considering the amount sufficient, have asked the common council for…

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