The Extinguishment of Incipient Fires.

Issue 2 and Volume 8.

The Extinguishment of Incipient Fires. A writer in L’Assureur Parisienne recently discussed at length the subject of interior fire extinguishing appliances and suggests a new method. In the course of his paper he says: “It must be acknowledged that all the endeavors to render textile goods and wood incombustible in theatrical scenery have almost always failed. This is because the phosphate of soda and the ammoniacs recommended by Gay-Lussac being very soluble, lose their defensive property by contact with damp air, so that it is needful to renew the coating every six months to preserve its original efficiency. Although the phosphate is very cheap the need of such frequent renewals makes the plan impracticable.” In relation to sprinklers, which are mentioned with some respect, but considered disadvantageous from nof always working promptly and because of their flooding with water, often to an unnecessary degree, it is remarked: “The remedy against…

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