Issue 2 and Volume 8.

PUBLIC WORKS —City Engineer C. W. Hendrick of Macon, Ga., will submit to the city council plans and specifications of a new sewer trap of his own devising. In Macon most of the sewers are of the old six-foot pattern, with slabs of stone laid over the manholes, from which the gas continually leaks. The stench trap designed by Mr. Hendrick is simple, and has two styles of manhole—one round for corners, the other square for straight lines. —Newark, N. J., has not yet given up its fight against the emptying of the sewage of Passaic into the river. The contest is to be renewed in the courts, but upon a new basis. —The common council of Newark, N. J., proposes to put $100,000 in the tax levy this year for street paving. —Last year the gas, subway, electric light and steam heating companies opened the streets of New York…

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