Issue 3 and Volume 8.

TOPICS OF THE DAY As we predicted upon noting some weeks since the first appearance for the season of 1890 of the incendiary milk can in a Western rural locality, he has again turned up. The scene of his latest exploit is, according to the daily papers, Watson, N. Y., where, directing the sun’s rays upon some dry woodwork near by, he is credited with having caused a $10,000 loss. As we have before remarked, in effect, it seems a pity that the respectable and necessary milk can should be invariably saddled with the charge of causing these periodical outbreaks of fire. Surely, other articles of tin ware must be accasionally left out in the sun ! THERE were some angry firemen in San Francisco the other day. It appears that some time since some persons interested in the eight hour movement induced the Board of Supervisors to pass an…

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