The Conflagration In Martinique.

Issue 3 and Volume 8.

The Conflagration In Martinique. Full details are at hand of the recent disastrous conflagration at Fort de France on the French island of Martinique, the telegraphic reports of which received in New York were, at the time, mistakenly discredited. On Sunday morning, June 22, a telegram was received at St. Pierre, the capital, announcing that a terrible fire was raging at Fort de France, and requesting the services of men and pumps. Two steamers, with men and fire apparatus, left St. Pierre at noon, and on their arrival at Fort de France, at about half-past one P. M., the whole seaboard was in flames to the water’s edge. The Palace of Justice being threatened, and with it the northeast of the town, the vital necessity of saving the court house was recognized, but the street was narrow, there were no pumps and but little water, and the people were tired…

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