Well Drilling Notes.

Issue 3 and Volume 8.

Well Drilling Notes. —A well is being sunk on the new estate of E. D. Morgan at Wheatly, L. I., by Daniel Dull of New York. —The Natural Gas Company will sink an oil well at Sistersville, W. Va. —W. H. Anderson, A. S. Harden, E. Hervey and others of Wheeling, W. Va., have incorporated the Hervey Bros. Oil Company. —A Columbus (O.) party, representing an oil company, will, it is stated, organize a $50,000 stock company to sink oil wells near Birmingham, Ala. —R. A. Simmons of Manchester, N. H., Jacob Davis, J. H. Bone and others of Huntsville, Ala., have incorporated the Alabama Oil Company to sink oil and gas wells. The capital stock is $50,000. —James Mulligan has the contract for s_____nking two ten-inch artesian wells for the city of Savannah, Ga., and will soon commence drilling. —Bids for sinking an artesian well at Henrietta, Tex., will…

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