Among the Manufacturers.

Issue 3 and Volume 8.

Among the Manufacturers. —A new and apparently excellently working fireman’s safety helmet has been patented by G. W. Barian of Fowlerville, Mich. A thorough test was given it last week at Chicago before, among others. Chief Swenie and Superintendent Shepherd. Tar and sulphur were used, and a small building was filled with the fumes, after which the patentee entered the building and remained fourteen minutes. S. L. Bignall of Chicago is interested in the new device, and the helmets will probably be manufactured in that city. —Erskine W. Fisher of No. 18 Broadway, New York, importer of Portland cement, has issued the following circular : “ The McKinley customs administrative bill goes into effect on August I next, and by restoring the duties upon packages, transportation charges, etc., will increase the cost of all Portland cements by about 15 cents (fifteen cents) per barrel. It is to be hoped that…

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