A Study of Algae Growth in Reservoirs and Ponds.*

Issue 3 and Volume 8.

A Study of Algae Growth in Reservoirs and Ponds.* Probably there are few superintendents of water-works in this country, or in fact in any other, where the water is stored or drawn from basins or reservoirs exposed to sunlight, who have not more or less trouble from minute water-plants, called algae, which often find in these basins and reservoirs an excellent place for their growth. In some waters the conditions are so favorable for their development, that by their rapid growth and as rapid decay the water is made exceedingly disagreeable to the taste and smell, and the whole system is a failure as far as delivering to the consumer a pleasant and wholesome water, which is the chief end in view. At first thought, it seems hardly possible that such minute organisms as these plants can do so much mischief, and it appears to me that any facts which…

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