Boston’s Repair Shop.

Issue 3 and Volume 8.

Boston’s Repair Shop. Few firemen in charge of small departments, not to speak of the general public, are aware of the work that is carried on, in and around that great institution, the “ Repair Shop.” It is a large industry in itself, divided into many departments, each in charge of a separate foreman, who in turn is responsible to a chief superintendent of the shop for the work entrusted to him. Nearly all of the large cities have some kind of hospital for the reception of disabled apparatus, where patching, mending, rebuilding and touching up are done. Here old wheezy and infirm engines, trucks and wagons are put through a process of renewing that fits them to go back into service with perhaps as many years of new life before them as those they have just served. The hose, too, that has done good service, but which shows considerable…

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