Granite as Building Material.

Issue 4 and Volume 8.

Granite as Building Material. Of all building stones, and, aside from wood, of all building materials, granite is the most susceptible of injury by fire. This is due, says The Clay Worker, to its complex structure, quartz, feldspar and mica. Of these the quartz is a crystal, composed of pure silica, and the intense heat of a great conflagration destroys the crystalline structure, and the quartz falls to pieces as fine sand, which, of course, disintegrates the entire rock, leaving it crumbly and weak. This weakness has become so strongly manifest during the recent Boston fire, and in other cases of less note, that it is seriously objected to by builders of fireproof structures as a fit building material, and it is quite likely that its use will largely be confined to isolated structures, or for foundations and purely ornamental purposes. These objections are becoming of national importance, as evidenced…

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