Affairs at Indianapolis.

Issue 4 and Volume 8.

Affairs at Indianapolis. (From Our Own Correspondent.) INDIANAPOLIS, IND., July 18.—There is probably not another city in the country that has as much prominent business now pending before the city legislators as has the Hoosier capital. The most exasperating subject to the public is connected with the contracts now pending for the paving of several of our most prominent thoroughfares with asphalt. As circumstances now present themselves there seems to be a combination between two of the prominent companies, namely, the Western Raving and Supply Company and the Warren Scharff Co. It appears upon the surface as if the bids of these two companies had been arranged between them, as there is but sixteen cents difference in their bids. One of the peculiar things that appear in every instance is that where a street has already been paved by the first-named company, its bids on the contiguous thoroughfares are in…

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