The Water Tower at Elgin, Ill.

Issue 6 and Volume 8.

The Water Tower at Elgin, Ill. The water tower illustrated herewith is that connected with the water supply system at Elgin, Ill. This tower consists of a steel tank thirty feet by ninety-five feet inside dimensions, bolding nearly 500,000 gallons of water, supported by a hollow pedestal, twenty feet in height, made of concrete faced with stone. It was originally intended to locate on ground twenty feet higher, but as it was impossible to get ground and right of way a location at the lower level was necessary. The extreme cost of the metal work for the lower twenty feet, which was thus made necessary, however, was greater than the fund available would permit of, and with the regular flat foundation would have amounted to fully $15,000. The engineer was, therefore, obliged to devise some less expensive method of finishing the tower, and his studies led to the selection of…

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