The Improvements to the Louisville Water-Works.

Issue 6 and Volume 8.

The Improvements to the Louisville Water-Works. In the course of a year it is expected that the water-works at Louisville, Ky., will have a daily capacity of 30,000,000 gallons, about twice the amount now pumped, and that this increased quantity will be provided none too soon, may be judged from the fact that, while during the recent warm weather about 14,000,000 gallons, the full capacity of the works, has beep pumped each day, the water in the reservoir has been steadily falling. A recent number of a local paper gives some interesting particulars concerning the improvements now under way, as follows : The new engine-house is well advanced and is being pushed as rapidly as possible. The new station is within a stone’s throw of the old one, and is built at the very edge of the water. It will be 162 feet eight inches high from the foundation, and…

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