Municipal Public Works.

Issue 6 and Volume 8.

Municipal Public Works. A contribution to the much discussed question of municipal vs private management of water and gas-works and electric lighting systems was made recently by Robert J. Finley of Johns Hopkins University, in a lecture at Baltimore. Mr. Finley is a believer in municipal ownership and management. He said in effect: One of the most marked features of the present industrial age is the tendency of population to concentrate into towns and cities. In 1880 about one-fourth of our population lived in cities, in 1840 the ratio was only one-twelfth, and with this crowding of population into industrial centres has gone a relatively greater increase in local expenditure. With the growth of cities there arose a need of better streets, better lighting, larger parks, libraries and better educational facilities. Expensive water-works took the place of the old town pump ; in fact, hand service gave way to complicated…

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