A Test of Large Fire Hose.

Issue 6 and Volume 8.

A Test of Large Fire Hose. The comparative value of fire streams thrown through hose of respectively three and one-half and two and one-half inches diameter was made the subject, of a series of experiments one day last week at Providence, R. I., by Chief Engineer Steere and other fire department officials. The details of the test are given by The Providence Journal substantially as follows: First, from the hydrant at the corner of Exchange place and Washington row, three lines of 2 1/2-inch hose, each 200 feet in length, were siamesed into a 25-foot length of hose three and one-half inches in diameter. To this composite line was attached a jumbo pipe, with nozzle one and three-quarter inches in diameter. Water was then turned on at the hydrant and directed up Exchange place. According to Deputy Chief Hill, who measured the distance, 165 feet was the score. This squirt…

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