Issue 8 and Volume 8.

FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS —We have received from America a copy of a weekly journal, FIRE AND WATER, published in New York. The paper is well written, and contains a lot of useful information. As a typographical specimen of work it is simply perfection. The number referred to dated April 26 last, contains a very flattering notice concerning this journal, and our efforts to better the position of fire brigades in Queensland. We thank the editor for his kindly wishes, and hope to see his valuable journal a more frequent visitor to our editorial table.—Queensland Fireman, Brisbane, Australia. —At Denver, Col., on Saturday, J. M. Dawson, an electric lamp trimmer, was killed by shock while changing carbons in an are light lamp which is used by the city. He was accompanied by a boy, whose duty it is to lower the lamp. Dawson stood in the middle of the street ready…

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