Issue 13 and Volume 8.

PUBLIC WORKS —Plans and specifications were filed in the New York Bureau of Buildings last week calling for the erection of fortyone new buildings to cost $988,000, and for alterations to thirty-six buildings to cost $270,000. —The city of Phcenix, Ariz., has granted to Chas. L. Corn a fifty-year franchise for a sewerage system in the city and additions. —The council of Westminster, Md., has ordered the discontinuance for the present of the work of improving and macadamizing the streets of the town, for which $25,000 had been appropriated and upon which $12,000 had been expended. —Commissioner of Public Works Gilroy of New York estimates that it will take $3,357,370 to sustain the city publicworks for 1891. This is an excess of $138,155 over 1890, but is accounted for by the increase in the rates of lighting the city and the purchase of additional gas lamps. —Guenantin’s Chicago Sewage Purifyfng…

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