Among tho Manufacturers.

Issue 18 and Volume 8.

Among tho Manufacturers. —A. Bruegger of Chicago has received a contract from Council Bluffs, Ia., for a two-horse hose carriage. —The recent purchase of hose at Minneapolis, Minn., was divided as follows: 3000 feet White Anchor, through Hull & Thomson, the Western agents; 1000 feet Lion brand from the Chicago Fire Hose Manufacturing Company, and 1000 feet from the Gutta Percha and Rubber Manufacturing Company. —The Marinette Iron Works of Chicago has just delivered to Duluth, Minn., a double eighty gallon tank Hutson cliemcal engine. It was given a severe test before the Mayor, city council and members of the fire department, as well as officials from adjacent cities, and worked admirably. —The Boughen Engineering Company of Cincinnati, O , reports that the machinciy for the London (O.) water-works is about completed, and that it will begin shipping it in a few days; also that rapid progress is being made…

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