Issue 18 and Volume 8.

WATER SUPPLY —At Winnepeg, Man., Jas. Ross and others have made a proposition to the city for the construction of works to make available the water power of the Assiniboine river. —We have received a copy of the elaborate reports of Jos. P. Frizell, C. E., and John Bogart, consulting engineer, upon the proposed dam and water-works for the city of Austin, Tex. The project includes the construction of a massive dam across the Colorado to furnish power for pumping for electric lighting and propelling street cars; the building of a reservoir at a sufficient height to furnish fire pressure, and the extension of the distributing system. The cost of the whole work contemplated, including an electric light plant, is estimated approximately at $1,363,000. —The Pineville (Ky.) Water Company is reported as having improved its water-works and built a stone reservoir. —The water-works at Kenilworth, Ill., are nearly completed. Geo.…

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