The Vyrnwy Reservoir Dam.

Issue 18 and Volume 8.

The Vyrnwy Reservoir Dam. In a previous issue of FIRE AND WATER (Vol. V., No. 15) we gave a detailed description of the new water-works system for Liverpool, England, and are now enabled to present to our readers, by courtesy of The Mechanical News, a general view of the great masonry dam across the Vyrnwy river in North Wales, which serves to impound the water of the river for the supply of the city, making, as will be seen, a beautiful lake. This dam, which is regarded as one of the most remarkable structures of its kind in existence, possesses also, as w 11 be noticed, considerable architectural beauty, so as to form an attracting feature in the landscape, standing in this respect in marked contrast with the vast majority of similar constructions. The artificial lake formed by it has an area of 1165 acres, and is 67 1/2 miles…

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