The Bragg Tripping and Recording Device.

Issue 19 and Volume 8.

The Bragg Tripping and Recording Device. We noted briefly last week the decision given by Judge Gresham in the Federal Court at Indianapolis, in favor of Isaac N. Walker against the city of Terre Haute, Ind, A review of the features of this important case was given in FIRE AND WATER of May 24. Briefly, damages were claimed from the city for the use in its engine houses of automatic electrical devices for releasing the horses and opening the doors, which were asserted to be infringements upon the patents of Robert Bragg of San Francisco, whose assignee Walker is. Devices of a similar nature are now, and have been for many years in use in our principal fire departments, differing to some extent in the details of their mechanism, and having received from time to time alterations and improvements at the hands of ingenious electricians, and engineers of an inventive…

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