The London Metropolitan Railway Fire.

Issue 19 and Volume 8.

The London Metropolitan Railway Fire. The fire on the Metropolitan Railway, September 15, may certainly, says The London Engineer, take rank as one of the most extraordinary occurrences that ever engaged the attention of Captain Shaw and his brigade. It is not the magnitude of the fire so much as the character and the circumstances that led to it which claim consideration. The scene of the disaster was a road bridge crossing the railway, about 300 yards to the north of the Farringdon street station, and leading from Clerkenwell road to Clerkenwell Green. Underneath the bridge were two double lines of railway, one pair serving for the Great Northern, the Midland and the London, Chatham and Dover traffic, while the other carried the Metropolitan trains. The two systems of traffic were separated by a brick pier, supporting the centre of the bridge. In contact with this pier was a timber…

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