Testing Automatic Sprinklers.

Issue 23 and Volume 8.

Testing Automatic Sprinklers. Among the insurance companies which have been most active in the matter of experimenting to ascertain the capabilities of automatic sprinklers, is the Phenix of New York, and the results of the trials of the various devices made at the company’s specially arranged testing houses at Boston and Atlanta, Ga., have been extremely valuable and instructive. Those of our readers to whom the methods of conducting these tests are unfamiliar, will obtain a clear idea of them from the accompanying illustrations of the testing house maintained at Atlanta by H. C. Stockdell, the general manager of the company for the South. This house is a frame building with metal roof, with all the lumber dressed on both sides and painted, itself giving an idea of how best to erect a manufacturing establishment of wood and have no concealed places in which a fire could originate and not…

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