Ingenious Water Main Repair Work

Issue 23 and Volume 8.

Ingenious Water Main Repair Work The ingenious method employed in repairing the new main under the river at Bangor, Me., which work has just been successfully accomplished by Inspector H. T. Sparks, is thus described by The Bangor Whig: The work of taking the pipe up from the bed of the river and mending the break was a very difficult task and required all the ingenuity which Mr. Sparks could summon to do the work without making a worse break. Mr. Sparks first obtained a number of large hemlock logs and over too kerosene barrels, each of which will support a heavy weight. These were manufactured into two rafts, 100 feet long by thirty feet wide, and each used to lift an end of the pipe, which was secured to the derrick by straps put around the pipe by divers. The two ends, in all about 300 feet, were then…

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