Issue 24 and Volume 8.

TOPICS OF THE DAY THE city of Oshkosh, Wis., was deprived of its water supply the other morning for several hours, from a rather singular cause. The pumps could get no water, and it was found upon investigation that so large a volume of air had accumulated within the intake pipe at the pumping station that the pipe had risen to the surface. After considerable work the trouble was finally gotten over by tapping the pipe, when, after the removal of the air, it was again sunk and the pumps started up; but not until after the city had been thrown into a great state of consternation over the prospects of a water famine. THE new hotel to be built at the corner of Fifth avenue and Fifty-ninth street, New York, is to be seventeen stories, or 225 feet, high. There is one comfort which the guest assigned to a…

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