Among the Manufacturers.

Issue 24 and Volume 8.

Among the Manufacturers. —The members of the fire brigade connected with the Cambridge (Mass.) Manual Training School, have been equipped with life belts and play pipes, by the Cornelius Callahan Company, of Boston. —An exhaustive but most satisfactory test of the powers of the two new Silsby steamers of the Spokane Falls (Wash.) fire department was made in that city the other day. A local paper says: “The time taken to get 120 pounds of steam pressure from the cold water in the boiler of the new engines was fourteen minutes. Experiments were then made with several lengths of hose. When 500 feet were uncoiled the stream reached 190 feet from the nozzle. With 250 feet of hose and an inch and aneighth nozzle a stream 237 feet long was thrown, and with an inch and a quarter nozzle one of 250 feet. The last test was participated in by…

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