Issue 26 and Volume 8.

GAS & ELECTRIC LIGHTING. —The first long distance electric railroad will be built in Russia from St. Petersburg to Archangel at an expense of $r5,ooo a mile. —The Riverside (Ill.) Edison Company has been formed to furnish electric light and power; capital stock, $40,000; incorporators, W, W. Hutchinson, Lewis Lusk and Matthew C. Myers. —The Illinois Chapter of Architects, Chicago, witnessed the tests made by the Interior Conduit and Insulator Company of New York in that city on Monday last. Nine tests in all of possible combustion from electrical wires were made and examined by Chief Swenie, Prof. Barrett, Messrs. Haskiml and Borden, and various members of the board of fire underwriters. —The Athens Manufacturing Company of Athens, Ga., is reported as putting an electric plant in its cotton factory. —The Willametta Falls Electric Company of Hartford, Conn., will add 100 arc lights to its plant. —Mansfield, Pa., is one…

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