The Filtration of Natural Waters.

Issue 1 and Volume 1891 9.

The Filtration of Natural Waters. (Continued from Vol. VIII. Page 270.) The experiments of the Massachusetts State Board of Health oa the purification of sewage by intermittent filtration which have been carried on at Lawrence for the past two years, under the direction of Hiram F. Mills, the engineer member of the board, have added largely to our knowledge of the condition* governing the purification of nitrogenous organic matter. Here are large tanks, 1-200 of an acre in surface, filled with different materials—coarse sand, fine sand, river silt, muck, garden soil, clay, etc., to the depth of five feet, on which is poured from day to day, sewage in known amount and of known composition. The effluent water from this sewage filtration is collected, measured and analysed, and the precise amount of purification determined. The result of two years work at this station will shortly be published in the report…

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