European Theatre Fires in 1890.

Issue 1 and Volume 1891 9.

European Theatre Fires in 1890. There were eleven theatres burned in European cities during the year 1890, as follows : January 1—The theatre in Zurich, during the performance. The audience remained cool, filed out slowly, and no one was injured, although even the last stone in the walls was brought to the ground. January 7—The Theatre de la Bourse in Brussels. It was one of the finest variety theatres in Europe, magnificently decorated in Arabian and Turkish style. The fire came from an unknown cause in the cellar. No one was injured. February 20—City Theatre of Amsterdam at six o’clock in the morning. The night before Bengal lights had been used in the gala production of a piece in honor of the Dutch King, No lives lost. March 16—Thalia Theatre in Stettin. None injured. March 24—City Theatre in Bromberg. None injured. June 9—French summer theatre in Constantinople, just before the…

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