The Rise in the Price of Platinum.

Issue 1 and Volume 1891 9.

The Rise in the Price of Platinum. “ Within the last two years,” says Industries, “platinum has steadily increased in value from about thirty shillings per ounce to _____4, its present price making it very nearly equivalent to gold in value. Our present principal sources of this metal are the Russian mines in the Ural Mountains. These have recently been worked for gold, and the platinum has been obtained as a valuable bye-product without much additional expenditure. The richness in the gold of the chief mines— Nisknee Taglisk and Gord-Blagodad—has, however, considerably diminished, and consequently the cost of preparation of platinum has been increased. To this increase in the cost of production, occurring simultaneously with the increased demand for the metal for the leading-in wires of glow lamps and for electrodes in electro-chemical work, the present dearness of the metal is undoubtedly due. It seems probable that the scarcity of…

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