The Back Draught and Smoke.

Issue 1 and Volume 1891 9.

The Back Draught and Smoke. “ The back draft,” said an old fireman recently to a New York Dispatch reporter, “ is something that when you get it once you don’t want again. We may be in a place for ten minutes and not get it, and then all of a sudden, like a shot, it breaks out, and often knocks a man down. We may be up in the third floor, and not a sign of fire. It may be on the floor above. Then the air comes in and, like a shot, down it goes to the cellar, and the building is one mass of flames, you feel hot air, in a second it is gone. When it hits right at you, you come to somewhere, and you don’t know what struck you. That is why the first move is made to open the roof as quickly as…

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