River Pollution

Issue 4 and Volume 1891 9.

River Pollution An interesting lecture was recently given at the Manchester (England) Technical Laboratory by G. E. Davis, upon the above subject. According to an English contemporary the chair was taken by F. H. Walinsley, chairman of the rivers committee of the Salford corporation, who, in his opening remarks, said that though the state of the Irwell was bad now it would have been worse if the act of 1876 had not been passed. Mr. Davis commenced by showing samples of neighboring streams which fed the Irwell—the colors varying from black to red—and said that the pollution had been increasing for over a quarter of a century, but the approaching completion of the Manchester Ship Canal made it imperative that something should be done to cleanse the river. Reviewing the act of 1876, he characterized it as a worthless measure, in that it made no, restrictions as regarded suspended matter…

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