Issue 4 and Volume 1891 9.

PUBLIC WORKS. The Disposal of Sewage of Isolated Country Houses is the title of a pamphlet by William Paul Gerhard, C. E., of New York, for a copy of which we are indebted to the author. John W. Root of Chi ago, consulting architect of the World’s Fair, died January 15 at the age of 38. The experts employed by the Brooklyn bridge trustees to prepare plans for increasing the terminal facilities at both ends of the bridge have made a report. By the press, generally, the plans are condemned as being inadequate to the needs of the case. A company with $3,000,000 capital has been incorporated at Albany to construct a tunnel between New York city and Brooklyn. Austin Corbin of the Long Island railroad heads the directory, and others upon it are : J. Edward Simmons, Secretary of the Navy B. F. Tracy and Edward Lauterbach. Among the…

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